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Profit financially from the craze which your site causes. Refer visitors : they will thank you for introducing them to the benefits that Ouah ! offers.
With our referral system, you can refer hundreds of people directly and indirectly : you also are paid when those you refer receive mails and earn money.
You can put in text links, banners and even a comment, on your web site. Internet users who reach through your intermediary become your referred party once they inscribe. If they navigate through different site pages before inscription, you remain as the person who referred them.

To insert a text link
Put our connection on your page.
In order to do this, insert the following HTML code :
<a href="" target="blank">Sign-up Ouah&nbsp!</a>
where xxxx is your membership name.

This gives the following connection :
Join Ouah !
We leave it up to your imagination to modify the text and presentation !
Also think about informing subscribers of your mailing-list by a link at the end of the mail.

To insert a statement
Compile a specific page where you present Ouah ! on your web site. We will leave an editorial tool at your disposition.

To insert a banner or an image
Put a banner or image on your page.
In order to do this insert the following HTML code :
<a href="" target="blank"><img src="" width="234" height="60" border="0"></a>
where xxxx is your referred number.

This gives the following link :

 Another solution : copy one of our banners and create your link.


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