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Ouah ! Earn even more money by referring your friends.

Referrals, an interesting idea which will keep your friends happy whilst earning you extra money.

Why refer ?

Referring allows you to make money effortlessly, and rapidly the benefits will become apparent.

Effectively, you accumulate earnings : you make money on your mails, but also on the mails that your referred friends receive. Moreover, if these referred people in turn refer their friends, you still profit.

In any case, referring is not to the detriment of those whom you refer.

Referrals can be made up to 4 levels.

People who you refer directly (1st generation)
People who you refer indirectly (2nd generation)
People who you refer indirectly (3rd generation)
People who you refer indirectly (4th generation)

How to refer ?

It is sufficient to communicate your membership name to the person who you want to refer and encourage them to join the Ouah ! community. You can directly send him the following
where xxxx is your membership name.

Why act now ?

Because you will be the first to inform your friends; send them a mail with your link straight away.
Don't forget to inform your webmaster friends, as that can earn you numerous referees'.

You can earn extra revenue by displaying our connection on your site and by referring your visitors.

Anti-spam policy
Beware ! Sending unsolicited or unwanted mail is forbidden. We reserve the right to exclude people who deviate from this rule. For further information consult our anti-spam rubric.


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