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Ouah !
is a new service from the Netpartage company.
At Netpartage, we believe that marketing and advertising should benefit everybody.
Our advertising partners think like us : they want to quickly inform you on all the subjects that interest you and as a token of appreciation they wish to pay you.

Our philosophy
We develop an exchange and share relationship between our Members and the advertisers.
Our goal is to protect the interests of our members and to act for the welfare of all the members of the Ouah ! community.

Certain Internet sites sell their members data files.
It is our policy never to divulge any such personal information.

What is Ouah ! ?
All your information is personal and is your property. Ouah ! is a community which protects the interests of its members whilst offering to pay them to read emails which are sent in accordance with their interests. Each member can modify these interests at any time and will consequently receive messages corresponding to these new specifications.
Ouah ! is an intermediary for a variety of sources of messages. It allows the internet user to control levels of information received. Thus, they are not found scattered all over the web


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