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        The Benefits of club Ouah !
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On joining club Ouah ! you benefit from exclusive advantages reserved for our members:

You earn money.
From now on, thanks to Ouah ! , your mail address brings you money. Your opinions are valuable, therefore it is only normal that you are paid in return for attention you give to advertisers.
With Ouah ! everything is simple, you earn 20 % of what we earn. Your Ouah ! account is credited with a minimum of USD $ 0.03 every time you click on the banner or connection of the emails received. This amount depends on the type of emails you receive. We hope that very soon we can give you USD $ 2.42, every time you respond to the surveys or product tests (check this rubric).
Of course, the more messages received in your letter box, the more time you spend reading them, the greater will be the payment. It's a new form of relationship between the advertiser and the internet user. Ouah ! redistributes a part of its advertising gains to the internet user to establish a new business / client relationship.
But don't forget, at the end of each one of our mails to click on the banner of our partner to realize payment.

You save time.
With Ouah !, you choose the offers that you wish to receive.
You're looking for an apartment ? Find the corresponding areas of interest, we have partners in the area of real estate or bank loans. You've found an apartment, modify your personal profile, as we can make you other types of offers.
This way, you don't lose any time (or money) surfing the Web searching for sites and information which you need. Thanks to Ouah !, this information arrives directly into your letter box while you have nothing else to do but click on the banner of our partner, while you get double the benefit : you access relevant information and you make money.

You benefit from good deals.
On becoming a member of club Ouah !, you benefit from the best available offers on the internet. You make savings and you have access to the best deals which you have selected through your areas of interest.
Our advertising partners specially reserve offers which you will not find elsewhere on the web ! Ouah ! is a consumer friendly club dedicated to finding the best product, at the best price.
Less 20 % here, save USD $13.68 there, there are many offers, but be sure that they are going to interest you based on the targeting of your own areas of interest.

You respond to surveys.
Our advertising partners often wish to get to know you better, in order to improve targeting for their products. Therefore we ask you to respond to surveys for some of our partners.
These questionnaires, always in touch with your areas of interest, ask you for a lot of reactivity and very little of your time. They are the best paid of course. In certain cases they pay up to USD $2.05. On the other hand, our partners are very demanding as regards criteria. This is the reason why you are not always asked to participate in a survey immediately. Be patient, your personal details might very well lead to the happiness of one of our partners.

You can participate in product testing.
You get the products for experimentation free of charge, and you give us feedback.
To be sure of addressing a concerned and attentive public, some of our partners ask us to organise a testing of one or many of their products. Always selected in accordance with your areas of interest, we could ask you your opinion on a product which is being marketed. Not only do you benefit from the consequent payment, but you also get the product to test for free.

You can win prizes.
You can participate in all competitions regularly organized by Ouah ! and their partners and become one of the lucky winners
These games are regularly organized and sometimes involve all the members, sometimes include just a few of you.


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