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What is spam ?

The terms spam and spamming refer to all unsolicited emails and all “ bombarding ” of an electronic mailbox by many unwanted messages. The businesses which use this practice send identical messages to many people without their prior consent. Often, these businesses employ various tactics to be sure that you will open and read their messages. Similarly, they re-sell electronic addresses between each other, inopportunely gaining more addresses.

Our anti-spam policy

We categorically condemn all spamming practices.
First and foremost, we strive to protect the interests of our members and to help create an internet which is more equal, respectful and benefits all. This is why, we never send unsolicited emails, this is why, we never divulge your personal information to other businesses, except if you authorize it. You can of course ask us at any moment not to send any more mail.

Under the threat of expulsion from Ouah ! we expressly forbid our members to use this practice to refer new members.
This policy is for the common good. Don't do to others what you wouldn't like done to yourself. In addition to this, we would ask anybody who has been a victim of spam to contact us.

How to avoid spam ?

You have the ability to protect yourself against such actions.
Besides scanning your messages by reading the object of the message or refusing to receive the message of certain senders, you have various options :
- choose your Internet Service Provider carefully. Different Internet Service Providers have put in place protection programs, in order to shield users against receiving unsolicited email.
- don't fill in the users description name in your browser (especially do not fill in the user-name). The majority of sites that you are going to visit can extract this information without ever asking you.
- try to surf as anonymously as possible.
- use an alias email address.
- try not to give your real address to web sites in which you do not have total confidence, and especially, do not communicate your email address to a site which doesn't guarantee confidentiality of your address or personal information - avoid putting your email address on your home page. Some address lists are compiled by robots who scan web pages in search of such information.
- Reply to the sender of spam. Let him know about your dissatisfaction and your intention to notify consumer associations or privacy@ouah!.com if you receive any more such mail in the future.



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